I have always had some medical problems. I was born with flat feet which after almost 42 years has reeked havoc on my ankles and knees. Had lumps removed from my breast, an ovary removed, I have interstitial cystitis, and stomach problems. I have had depression since my teens and very short bouts with anxiety. Well almost 9 years ago my daddy passed away very suddenly and totally unexpected. That sent my depression and especially my anxiety into overdrive. I didn't have insurance so I couldn't get medication. When the panic attacks would get unbearable and I was going to the ER. Each time my heart rate was over 180, one time it was 202 and after 2 shots of Ativan only got down to 160. ER doc said I had to do something cause my resting heart rate was 110-120.
So I finally got insurance got on beta blockers, Paxil and kolonopin. Well a couple of weeks ago my feet started to feel asleep all the time. My doc's was closed for a week so I couldn't get in and during that time they went totally numb. The only thing I felt is they were cold. But that's all. I was tripping when I walked people thought I was drunk. Then even though I had been on it a year I think it was a reaction to the Paxil. I started having pretty bad suicidal thoughts. Like at one time setting all ly meds out and just looking at them. I got scared so I went to my husband and my mother, who lives with us. I would NEVER do that but the thoughts were scary. I went to the doc. He took blood to start looking for what's going on with my feet. Gotta go back to ENT cause my thyroid is still very low. He also started me on Zoloft. What's weird is my kolonopin doesn't seem to be working very well. I've had 2 panic attack since last Tuesday when I saw the doc. I am so sorry this is so long. I was just wondering if anyone else had Zoloft interfer with their kolonopin?