I was on the depo shot and it gave me problems so after switching from so many birth controls, I got switch to ortho micronor. The first week of 7 days of taking it, I got my period, or I think it was a period from being on the depo to switching to the pill. So the was my first pack and now I am on my second pack but already on day 15 but no periods yet??? I have felt bloated like I am going to get my period but still nothing. I don't understand why I bled only on the first pack of the first week I took it? So now I just feel like I am bloated like a period is coming but never. So am I now not getting any periods? This pill has not given me any head aches but minor cramps when I first started the pack. I hope I am ok not pregnant even though I took a test and it was negative but I feel bloated since the second pack and no period yet.