I'm a new member so please be patient with me. I was diagnosed with ADHD about a week ago. I never got tested as a child, it was always brushed off like nothing was wrong. Long story short, I was prescribed Strattera (the "miracle drug"... or so I was told). I am supposed to make my way up to 80-100 mgs. I have started on 18mg and feel awful. Blurred vision, no difference in concentration or focus, hot sweats and chills (flu like symptoms), agitation and so on... the list goes forever. I am wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms and can relate. What should I do? My doctor will not prescribe a stimulant (though I have researched them and think it would be the best option). I do not want to come out and ask for them, as I do not want to look like all I want is the pills. What I do want, is some relief. I am so frustrated with how I feel and this whole situation. It's only making things worse. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. By the way, incase you are wondering, I am a 29 year old female.