I was in Zoloft for 8 years. The last 4 years I was on 200mg. I eventually decided this wasn’t for me. I mean the withdrawals were HELL. I couldn’t imagine. So I went to my doctor and she prescribed me to Paxil 12.5 mg. I was on that every other day (suppose to be every day) for about 1.5/2 months. I eventually got off of it and was completely free of all anti depressant and anti anxiety medicine for the first time in 7/8 years. It has been about 3/4 months now and my disassociation and depersonalization has been absolutely crazy. My thoughts make no sense. I’m scaring myself always into panic attacks. I feel like I’m hallucinating half of the time. I’m constantly numb. My sleeping is absolutely ridiculous. It’s non existent. I was up for 32 hours at one point. It happens really bad at night. Is this all still from my brain trying to re wire itself? I’m so scared and desperate.