I'm 38 yrs old and take a "cocktail" of meds for major depression. I've been on antidepressants since I was 11. Right now I am on the most at once I've ever been on. The combo of them have worked really well for me.

My husband and I are looking to have our first baby within a year or two. I know at my age, it is already considered a "high risk" pregnancy. However, with all the meds I'm on, I'm that much more concerned.

I would like to get feedback from the PEOPLE, not the DOCTORS who will just tell me "it's safe for the baby" just to KEEP me on them. As much as I know my psychiatrist cares about me and has literally saved my life a couple times, it still means more $$$ for him for me to stay on them.

Here's my list of meds and doses:
- Wellbutrin 400mg
- Prozac 40mg
- Lithium 300mg (not even sure why I am even on this)
- Klonopin (up to 2mg a day IF needed)
- Seroquel (25mg for sleep)
- Synthroid 75mcg (for hypothyroidism)

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.