I was in a head on collision (each going 65mph popped a dashboard off with my head) 20 years ago and had a head injury. My head split open to my skull (muscle and nerves severed) in the frontal lobe area above my eyebrow all the way back to the middle of my head in parietal lobe. Since then, I have issues with nerve damage, migraines, memory loss lack of sense of smell and something similar to narcolepsy (I get pressure in my head, I am awake but am confused and can't think, I get sleepy like I've been drugged and then I knock out (not for too long). I also have issues with balance at times and vision. I have been to several neurologists with no success in finding a cause for the narcoleptic type symptoms. I have had eeg's which state my issues are non-epileptic and have been on every neurological medicine you can imagine. I really don't see any of the medicines helping, things typically seem to coincide with weather change. The narcoleptic type incidents happen around the same time as migraines but also seem to occur under high stress times as well. Any advice or leads?