Fisher Wallace Laboratories sells a gizmo called the "Fisher Wallace Stimulator," which they promote to be used to fight depression, insomnia and even chronic pain. It consists of two electrodes that are hooked into an electrical generating hand-held unit.
You use an elastic band to hold the electrodes to the sides of your head and spark and electrical current onto your skull. This is an automatic process that lasts about 15 minutes and is recommend one to two times a day. Here in the USA, you need a doctor's OK to buy the device, but if you can't get that, they have an 'acupuncturist' on call that will rubber stamp your request.

I bought one over a year ago and have not noticed any improvement with my depression. Nor did the 'acupuncturist' do a follow-up call to check on my progress.

My question is has anyone else used that 'acupuncturist' to buy the device and did you get any follow-up calls from her, checking on your medical progress?