... for a couple of months now. Two weeks ago I had an impacted stool and tried everything. Laxatives, stool softener, magnesium citrate, miralax, eating greens, etc. I had a colonoscopy last Tuesday so I had to clear my self out. I little by little pulled it out and it took about a week. It’s now been a week (tomorrow) since my colonoscopy and I can’t go again. My body is trying to force myself to go but the stool is just entirely too big! What do I do? I’m getting really sharp pains every time I try to eat and no appetite. I took some laxatives and what not but it only loosened the stool above the impacted stool and now that leaks around it. I don’t know how this could happen again in such little time. I can’t do anything because it hurts so bad. I’m so bloated and fatigue. I’ve been drinking as many liquids as I can. I’ve looked all over the internet but it’s all the same.. I don’t want to go to the ER because of a stuck stool! I’m terrified