IBS with diarrhea is my diagnosis and also just had an endoscopy for GERD which has been keeping my throat raw for about a year.
The gastroenterologist gave me dicyclomine 20 mg to take 4 times a day "as needed". I'm not sure if that means take it like immodium, only after you have diarrhea or take it all the time. Or take it for 5 days or what?
I took it one day at work when I had loose bowels and a few hours later had a bowel movement with no warning. (resulting in the embarrassing dash to the bathroom, cleaning up, then coming back to my desk to retrieve underpants and going back to the bathroom to put them on). Running to the bathroom urgently is the problem I want to solve.
My life is run by my bowels and I have to plan trips carefully and meetings at work are awful. grocery stores must have a bathroom. etc.

I am on other medications that make me sleepy and dry already. I've read the comments below on bentyl (dicyclomine) and wonder if it has helped anyone with the urgency without destroying the feeling that you have to go when you really need to?