My doctor prescribed mg 10
Capsules of activan .5mg. I had never taken it before, so I tried the Eve before my travels and it seemed to work. The next morning I took one cause I was already crying about having to go to the airport. I then took a gravol ( which usually knocks me out ) while i was in the cab. When I got to the airport and was in security I took the second Ativan .5, I was still a wreak. About to not get on the plane. So I took another .5... So I have now taken 1.5 mgs and super nervous. While in flight I was crying and shaking having a panic attack, so I took one more hoping it would work, but to no avail. So I then took another gravol hoping that would knock me out... Once again nothing! I took 2 mgs of avtivan and 2 gravol and spend my whole flight Panicking. Is there anything that would work better than this ? I want to travel so desperately. I've even talked to counsellors etc. what other anxiety meds would work better ?