Trying to get to the root of suspicious facts being told to me by my Medical group. I've been told by them that the FDA instituted a new policy whereas it will no longer approve testosterone cypionate to be self-injected at home. Therefore insurance will no longer pay for it. I must go to the doctor's office now to receive my weekly 1 ml injection of testosterone. This was the directive handed down to them by my health insurance carrier, United HealthCare. Furthermore, this was a blanket policy across the board that all carriers are now complying with- Blue Cross, Healthnet, etc. I called United Healthcare for verification and was told that was not true. It's the medical group who controls injectables and pays for them. The person I spoke to at UHC called my medical group, and together with the person she was speaking to neither one could find any documentation verifying this "fact". The FDA guidelines make no distinction between self injecting at home vs having it done in office. The irony, which is why I can't accept this as true, is it is still okay for me to take my doctor's Rx to any pharmacy of my choice and legally have it filled. The caveat however is that I must pay the full expense of the vial and the necessary needles and syringes. Prior to this "new policy" being instituted, my medical group paid 100% of the cost; no out of pocket expense to me at all, and i've been doing this every week for the past 12 yrs, all at home. I've pressed the head nurse to provide me with copy of the written new policy/regulation that FDA has recently put into place, and was told there was nothing they could send me, and I would just have to take their word for it.

Does anyone have information regarding the validity of what I'm being told? It seems to me there's more to this than meets the eye. There's another motive at work that either saves the medical group money, or conversely they stand to profit somehow. As a side note, when this was first disclosed about 6 weeks ago, the original story was they were cutting out the CVS Caremark pharmacy in filling these prescriptions, and had decided to let the local vendors who serve doctor's offices act as their supplier. The only effect that would have one me was I'd have to go to my doctor's office to pick up my vial instead of the pharmacy, which is not a problem at all.

I apologize for all he detailed information, but felt it was necessary to see the bigger picture. Much thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this dubious new policy that has nothing in print for me to validate.
Jim (Topher95)