My brother, aged 34, 5ft 7inch, 36 chest at 79 kgs of weight took Herbalife Total Care Food as he was over weight, and got extensive loss of his weight from 79 to 59 K.Gs rapidly in 30 days. He stopped taking the food, but his weight and mass of body continued to decay and presently during last two years he has become underweight about 51 to 54. He has become week, as a Manager on Project Marketing he needs sufficient energy and bodymass ; he has increased daily food intake, he has started eating high protien,risch fat, vitamins,fruits etc, even tried alcohol to get fatty or bodymass ; but his endevour failed. He never got a revesal of body weight more than 54Kgs. In most of the time it lowers upto 50KGs. He has not not yet developed his energy and health and behaves as an oldman . Presently Herbalife once again came and gave same food with extra protien food. It is now the same Total Care Food which the agent told shall increasre the health. I have found nothing in the formulation that can be held modifying lipid quantity,body mass energy level either way. If FDA has approved such products? Please help me.