I have SLE with kidney involvement and have been on Cellcept for about 3 months. I have had alternating diarrhea and constipation for the entire time, which I expected, but also some lower abdominal pain located about two fingers above the left hip, between the belly button and the hip on the left side, front. Also I have had a couple of days where I was so tired I couldn't make it into work; it was literally "lay down before you fall down". Last week I had trouble getting my prescription filled and missed a couple doses, and suddenly everything was working again, and I had more energy.

My questions are these: Does anyone else have these symptoms as a side effect of taking Cellcept? Can I expect them to go away anytime soon? Will I eventually adjust? I'm allergic to Myfortic so that is not an option for me. Are any of these symptoms especially worrisome or should I just suck it up and cope?

Would appreciate any thoughts you folks have!