Things became out of control and he had to be restrained with full body restraints. Full 24 hr supervisoin. He went , i can not even think of a term, rolling and hitting himself against the bed resulting in many injuries to himself. They taped pillows around the bed, he broke the bed when he kicked, he moved the bed accross the room with the brakes on. I am in shock as well my husband. In the morning they still could not get him down they gave him a seditive in order to preform CT scan. Ativan , IV , more then 8 mg he still would not go down. Once backin his room , he had a full mask to breath, and passed away around the time of full life of the drugs. I just do not understand. Was it the Haldol, a infection, liver failure, toxins to his brain, the ativan helped him pass? Confussed and i need understanding.