My father has a small wound on his leg and was previously in the hospital in January of this year where he spent several weeks there. He went into septic shock for a urinary tract infection & pneumonia. He was put on a bpap mask and never intubated. He was in ICU for about 5 days and then spent another 6 weeks in rehabilitation hospital. His main problem is he a smoker he said he was going to quit came home and started again.

His health was doing good up until about a week ago. He started to get sinus congestion and then he started coughing a lot so it started going to his lungs. I had this weird feeling telling me to get him to the hospital because I didn't want something to happen again like before. That day he was admitted and then they determined he needed to be intubated, so they put him under with a 5mg Propfol drip. He was waking up a lot and gagging, they transferred him to ICU. In the ER he was started on a Levaquin antibiotic, in ICU they started with a Zosyn antibiotic and now have him on Vancomycin. They say he has a staph infection on the wound of his foot, MRSA and Pneumonia. Right now he is on 40% oxygen and CPAP at night. He is breathing on his own with the help of the ventilator. I visited him tonight and even on an Ativan drip he was able to wake up when the nurse said his children were there. I explained what was going on and to relax. He didn't seem anxious or agitated. His heart rate has been around 65-70bpm and stable, BP has been stable as well. He has Hypertension so they are giving him some Norvasc to keep it stable. Kidney and heart function is working great.

It made me feel real good that he woke up and was able to comprehend what we were telling him, he was able to nod and and tried talking but with a tube down your throat that is not very possible.

The nurse was pretty confident that he would be off the ventilator in a couple of days. She said tomorrow morning they are going to try and wean him off and see how he breathes on his own. Which is a good sign. Is there anything else they could be doing? Is this showing for a good outcome? I am hopeful and he looked healthier so it was good to see him up and tolerating the ventilation compared to when he first got it in the ICU.

Thanks for all your advice.