My father has been in a Hepatic coma from bad for liver from alcohol abuse for a month as of today Upon admission he was very confused, was halucinating and very combative, so much so they had to sedate him. He has been unresponive since then, well i shouldnt say that, he does seem to respond to pain with facial expression, for example when the ICU staff would be changing his position or when performing procedures that would normally be taken in trying to determine the cause of the hepatic coma. In my dads case, he has a non accessable internal bleed. During the course of the month, although he was not responding to instruction there were times his eyes were open they sometimes looked very confused, his facial expressions looked angry, scared, sometimes calm, the rest of the time he seemed out of it. Has anyone else known someone that has been in this state for at least a month and come out ok? The doctors have faced us with the possibility of having to move him out of ICU into comfort care. Please share your thoughts..thankyou