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Is fasting ok when taking medications such as Cymbalta?

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Inactive 3 Jun 2013

Hello mom8. Fasting should have no interference when taking Cymbalta. Regards pledge

lady2882 3 Jun 2013

I don't think fasting is a good idea when taking Cymbalta due to the side effects on the intestines.
I had to take mine with food or it caused all kinds of problems like stomach pains and cramps.

MuseMyself 3 Jun 2013

I tried cymbalta when it first came out. It treated four out of various issues I have. I know for me I had to eat with it-if I didn't I would feel more side effects... I wouldn't recommend it. Not just because my own experience but, also it can cause major stomach&liver issues as well as food&fluids will help regulate your body keeping your electrolytes up may reduce the risk of blood pressure issues, heart, and also help prevent a stroke while medication... and do not drink alcoholic drinks-they definitely increase side effects in my experience! They don't just say it on this med. Just to let you know... hope this helps you-Take care*

Fragilexmom 3 Jun 2013

When i take Cymbalta or any medication without food I have some bad cramps in my stomach. : ( talk with your Dr. free discount card

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