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Does fastin help u loose weight because I need to loose weight before my christmas dance?

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Bleuidcowgirl 3 Nov 2013

No it places your body in starvation mode. It will store all sugars and weight heavier.

ElizaJane23 5 Nov 2013

Fasting does help you lose weight , however it is not good for weight loss to be sustained. - to keep weight off. Fasting is good for a day or two here and there to give your GI tract (your stomach and intestines) a break. It's good to drink lots of water and some juice (like low sodium V8). Just a one day fast with drinking lots of water (100 ounces or so) will help make your abdomen (belly) a little smaller. If you are looking to fast in order to lose weight, you will be much better off to lower calories and not eat junk food - stick to fruits and vegetables and lean proteins, like fish. This will be a weight loss that will stay off.

Fasting for 1-2 days will help you lose a pound or two and will make your skin clearer, eyes brighter and abdomen an inch or two smaller. But fasting for more than that time is not recommended except under the care of your doctor. I personally fast one day a week and really enjoy it. Take care - EJ23 free discount card

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