A family friend, 88, who has been on Xarelto for at least several months, recently had dental had dental implant surgery w/o stopping the drug. He bled all night in his sleep. He returned to the dentist when he woke up and the bleeding was stopped. Later, he became disoriented and weak. He went into the hospital for the next 4-5 days. They found he was anemic. They gave him 2 units of blood and he has been home now for 3 days. He seems much better, but complains of muscle pain all over and is using the heating pad and a heated herbal wrap around his shoulders, neck and back. Could the pain be due to the lack of oxygenated red blood cells for so long? I told him he was very lucky and he should sue his dentist. Imagine! Suggesting to an 88 yr. old to have dental implants after so many years w/o those 2 teeth!?