I am currently one of my grandparents' primary caregivers. My aunt and mother would like to take my 94 year old grandmother off of meloxicam because "she doesn't feel pain anymore" and a vague web-o-pedia = "it's hurting her kidneys." She has severe dementia and I know she feels pain but it just comes out as her being irritable when her arthritis is acting up. I think that's a load of crap, but I don't know how to convince them that she WILL feel pain if she stops taking a medication she has been on for decades.

does any one have any personal experience either validating my concerns that my grandmother will most likely feel pain if she stops taking her meds, or that her kidneys will actually improve if she gets off a medication she's been taking for decades, OR tell me that meloxicam doesn't really do much for the pain?

thanks, I am sort of pissed off right now, because my opinion/my grandmother's doctor's opinions don't matter to my aunt and mom. !