I am on pain medication for a back problem because I have no insurance and it is easier for the doctor to do it that way than find out the problem. Anyway, I recently had a 10 panel urine test to assure them I was taking my meds and not selling them like 75% of his patients, I was told it would be $55 for the test, the test did show I was taking my meds but I was told I had to pay $330 for the test if I wanted my RXs because my test showed antidepressants in my system. First, I take flexeril and roxicodone, flexeril during the day, and the roxicodone at night, a number of prescription strength vitamins, nuerotin and topamax on a regular basis. I requested another test to be done because that was incorrect, I would NEVER take antidepressants, I can not stand the feeling I get from what I am on now, they refused to re-test me, but if I would pay $330 instead I could still get my monthly meds. I would like to know what would cause a false positive for TCA, and if that is even ethical to charge an extra $275 and they will go ahead and give me my scripts even though they think I could be abusing something AND refuse to give me another test so now this is in my medical records that I failed a drug test. And I am a student teacher for disabled children, this could hurt my career.