My doctor has me on tramadol and here recently I have been sick and had to take cough syrup with promethazine and azithrocine. Well, I ended up having to be rushed to the hospital because, well, I don't exactly know why yet. They're saying that it is a neurological problem because my legs will not quit shaking and my heart rate shoots up to over 160 bmp. My issue is, when they did the urine test on me in Charlestion, it came back that I had PCP in my urine (Needless to say they trearted me like a dopey after words - they even sent drug councelors to my room for Christ sake!) I cried for two hours because the doctors were treating me like an addict. I've never even been in contact with PCP, so I'm wondering - does tramadol, promethazine cough syrup, or any type of antibiotc cause a false positive for PCP? P.S. I know that tramadol hasn't caused this because I've been on it since I've been 15 and am now 20.