Have had trouble with sleep since 18 years old, am 65 now just divorced and very depressed. Dr. Has me taking atavin 1 mg. Daily for my anxiety. Have had it for 3 years. My face just drips sweat, and clothing also. What to do? I take ambien 12. 5 er for sleep. Never groggy, never makes me sleepy. Live alone with age 62 and older apt. Complex. Very happy here. My x is sick, takes pain meds. Has changed so much living alone also. It hurts to see him
had a tkr last july, knee very bothersome yet. Was reading about taking tylenolpm for pain, and sleep. Any one use this? I have my sister here we are close. My daughter lives in illinois which is 7 hours away. I miss her terribly. We talk tex each day. Missing her is a large part of my saddness. I take 20 mg of lexapro. Want to stop. Does not help me at all. Was given remeron 30mg gor sleep. Had heart pulputaiions. Stopped med. Have a shih-tzu, who I love sooooooo much. My car is now leeking gas when I pump it in, door does not shut opens up, have to hold it going around corners. Sterring pump is going. My friend broke seat, is held up with pkywood. She broke hinges on door too. 4 years with this problem car. Now what? Need some kind supportive words. How do you go threw your days? Am lonley, would like to meet a man to cone starbucks with me. Oh, happy day. Bless you,