I recently started randomly falling asleep when laying in bed with my eyes closed. It didn't matter if I was tired or not. I'd be thinking something and then suddenly I'd forget what I just thought. At first I thought it was memory loss, but then it happened twice today when I was lying down thinking. I thought I'd spent 5-10 minutes in bed, but it turned out to be over 30 minutes! That's when I realized I was falling asleep in the middle of thoughts and then waking up a few seconds/minutes later. Yesterday it happened three times in quick succession.

This has been going on a week. It started one day after going on Prilosec OTC 20 MG. None of the listed side effects match this, and it doesn't sound like narcolepsy since it only happens when I'm laying in bed with my eyes closed. I have been extremely stressed for the past couple weeks, so I thought maybe that was what caused it, but it happens even when I'm happy. Any ideas?