I crash right after my supper at around 6 pm everyday and fall asleep within minutes This could be a short 30 min nap to 2 hr sleep right after which my Processus Mastoideus in the neck starts hurting terribly but I am all active after my sleep. This leaves me most embarrassed and my wife upset as it ruins our evening plans and activities. Surprisingly, this doesn't happen after breakfast or lunch from what I observed. My breakfast is limited to 2 slices of multigrain plain toasted bread or 2 oatmeal nut cookies and I barely eat anything for lunch due to anxiety. 90% of our diet is Organic/ Home made food which includes Wheat, Quinoa or Rice with a combination of Vegetables and Chicken/Fish and no red meats.

I am 31 yr old male weighing over 215 lbs (Obese) with multiple disorders detected in 2014. Notably, Acquired Hypothyroidism (4.52 as of Oct-2015), Hypoglycemic(A1c-5.6% as of Oct-2015), Vit-D deficient, Mild Gastro Scoliosis and to add to it, Anxiety (jobless). My blood sugar levels and Thyroid levels seemed normal except for LDL which was 127 in Oct-2015. I used to take Vit-D supplements until September but stopped them.

While I'm focusing on incorporating Exercise, more healthier diets and to better my eating patterns, is there someone who could HELP me through this awkward situation of turning into a zombie.