Hi, I am on Triphasil for the past 1 & half years. My son is One and a half years. I don't take my tablets on the exact same time every day. On a weekend I take it about 2 or 3 hours later. on the 17th Oct 2014 I had been to the doctor & he had given me some antibiotics & an injection. On the 20th Nov 2014 I had my period (On the 2nd last red pill, I normally get it by the 3rd or 4th red pill). My period ended on the 23 Nov 2014. 24th Nov 2014 (night) my husband & I had intercourse. on the 25th Nov 2014 (evening) I passed light pink discharge. On the 26th Nov 2014 I had light cramps but nothing painful. I have also been having lower backache from the 26th Nov 2014. Is there a possibility I am pregnant? Do I continue my contraceptive till I miss a period? Please advise