On my most recent visit to my pain management doctor, I was told that he is changing all of my medicine after 4 years of the same medicine. I was on 3 soma's a day and six 10-500 hydracodone per day. Now I am on 2-12 hour, 30 mg morphine capsules and three 4mg tizanidines per day. I could take one soma anytime of the day and never get sleepy. I took my first tizanidine and was extremely loopy, to the point that I could not walk straight. My pm doctor has decided that he will not prescribe somas to any patients anymore. This new muscle relaxer does not work for me and makes me fall asleep every time so I am limited to taking it at bedtime only. Does anyone else fall asleep when they take this medicine? I take these meds for a spinal fusion l 4 - 5.(2 rods and 6 screws)