... etc. it would probably be easier telling you what I don't have wrong with me.I just recently started seeking help through a mental health clinic where I was prescribed a combo of lamictel and hydroxyzine before going there I was already taking welbutrin so I quit that and started that combo well that didn't do much so I was then switched to sereguel well that seem to be giving me reverse side effects so after not even a week of that I was switched to risperidone which I've been on for two days now which brings me to my concern I take .5mg once a night before bed well the first night I woke up all through the night with diarrhea and threw up twice the next morning well after that I was fine so I took it again as prescribed and slept fine through the night but around 11 that afternoon I became so dizzy I've literally been in the bed all day and just recently threw up again I guess my question is this a side effect that will go away if so how long or is it time to try something else because I can't live like this .I'm desperate for help I'm starting to think there might be no hope sorry so long