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I failed my drug test and lost my clonopine script. How can I get them back?

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Inactive 1 Mar 2012

Getting and staying clean are difficult. I am sorry you are having problems. As I see it, you have two options. First, talk to the clinic doc where you failed the test and try to straighten things out or, second, start all over and try to learn from past errors. After all, we are all humans and are imperfect beings. Best of luck to you.
Peace out,
The Sweet Hippie,

You did not say that you failed due to an abuse problem. Maybe you failed due to lack of meds in your system because maybe you ran out early... you don't say but i say be honest. People, whether it be a Dr, judge, or friend, always respect honesty. If you have a problem, the Dr can help. If you ran out early because you had more anxiety or whatever you take it for, just tell him. free discount card

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