I'm getting lots of questions. I hope this helps answer some general questions.
When I was scheduled for radiation they ran lab work-Then before the radiation started, I had a CAT scan. They did those , and then with contrast. They did the back of my neck to see if I had cancers in my lymph glands, then my face to see the field. The field is very small, but hot- then there is a small line of very small red rubies on the other side of the surgery. I don't undress, because it's my face. Don't wear jewelry, no eye glasses, and take out my pony tail. My head needs lay flat and still- no movement. The first session took over an hour, because they had to map the field and construct my net mask. First, they took photos for their records. After they made the mask, they took pictures of it. This is to make sure the mask is put on correctly, and for medical/legal records. After they took the first pics, they used a washable marker to mark where the radiation needs to go. They'd put a damp mask on, to make it flexible, and began shaping it, asking me how I was doing. Then they compared the mask with the CAT Scans. They covered my lower lip with a custom lead shield to protect my lower lip. Dr Garg was adamant about that. He says that I have too much unnecessary damage to my mouth already. They put in a custom lead mouth guard, and the custom eye shields. I keep my eyes closed all of the time. They slide me in, and check everything again. They tell me that they are leaving the room and treatment will start. They assure me that they will make sure that the settings are correct. It takes only a few minutes if that long. I don't smell, taste or feel anything. They come back in and tell me that I'm done. They slide me out, and remove the lead shields, then the mask. They help me up, make sure that I know when the next appointment is. I fix my ponytail-and go home. Oh, each time I go in the back, I have my national cancer registry card scanned. I'll answer any questions here, add more details. My lip was very sensitive the first day-probably from be ing rubbed my the mask. It did feel warm today. I can say a lot more, but later---