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Should there be a face of a fetus in my uterus on my ultrasound scan if I'm not pregnant?

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Stephen Treloar 24 Dec 2016

What you are describing is a psychological trick of the mind called Pareidolia where some people see the image of Jesus on a piece of toast, a cloud that looks like a duck or the 'Face' on Mars as a few examples.

Dsjackson34 24 Dec 2016

This is no figment of my imagination,I wish I could upload the picture so you could see.

Stephen Treloar 25 Dec 2016

Sorry, I should have added water stains on concrete seams that look like the Virgin Mary... It truly is our brains desperately trying to make sense of random patterns; we ascribe things familiar to us or things we might want to see.

If you could see clear face on your uterus you would need to about 5 months + pregnant for it to be a meaningful image with clearly define features. 10 weeks earlier you would see something that looks like it was stolen from a shrimp cocktail.

It is your right to see anything you like on your ultrasound, so I'll wish you the best of luck in you quest for answers

Stephen Treloar 25 Dec 2016

"... ascribe labels to things... "

Dsjackson34 26 Dec 2016

Thank you so much for your response,I will be going in for another scan very soon as if I were pregnant I would be right around 20 weeks give or take a few days,and this scan wasn't looking for pregnancy but causes to a change in my cycle. free discount card

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