Since I have been on 25 mil of Toprol XL my head feels foreign to me. The back of my eyes are sore, my prescription glasses that are brand new are not clear. Everything has a light blurriness. My night vision has gone to pot. Everything is a big blur when driving. (don't worry I'm not driving @ night) I have bouts of waviness in one eye and sometimes one pupil will dilate, very weird. I had the shakes and palpitations every 5 hours or so until I started taking it in the evening before going to bed and they have all but stopped. I think it was messing with my blood sugar which has always been normal. My biggest problem is this head and eye thing. It really has impacted my day to day living. It feels horrible.
I'm very happy with what Toprol has done for the speeding heart. It has corrected that. I still have occasional palpitations several times a day but I can live with that.
I had a pacemaker put in a little over two months ago for a very slow heart beat and Toprol XL for the speeding episodes. Never been on medication in my life.
My BP was extremely normal 118/70 now its erratic anywhere from 117/68 to the highest being 148/90. Is all this normal taking this drug? Doc was saying their is a medication that is for thyroid problems that might be better for me with less side affects for the speeding heart?? Not sure what it is. I'm a 57 year old woman that other then the slow heart rate has never had medical issues. Any suggestions would help.
Thank you.