I gotwith into a fist fight with my brother. We are both adults. He had me in head lock, I instinctively went for his eyes. I think I dug my finger in his eye.

I definitely lost the fight and took quite a bad beating. However, I cant stop worrying about his eye.


We aren't talking for obvious reasons but I have gathered that he has the following synptoms.
1. His eye was bleeding afterwards
2. He brought up today, the day after, how he cant see out the eye.
3. We got into another argument today and I mentions how I had smashed up his room as revenge for the multiple punches I took to the head. His reply was along the lines of, am I going to get him a new eye. H never brought this info and 2. up until that argument today. And he has gone to work today.

If I had caused damage to someone's vision I don't think I could live with myself. It is the greatest of our senses after all. I could not live with the hidden resentment/grievance that person would hold against me.