He's 6 years old and in the last 48 hours has developed a bump on the lower eyelid near the inner corner. It has become very red and large in just 48 hours. I thought at first it was a sty and could clearly see a 'head' forming in the middle of the swollen area. A pharmacist advised me to take him to a doctor asap because she thought it was a blocked tear duct so I took him to a urgent care across the street. First thing the doctor said when he walked into the room was... "ahhh a sty", till he took a closer look. Then he said it appeared to be a obstruction of his nasal tear duct and needed to see a eye doctor immediately and that there is a pretty good chance he'll need a surgical procedure done. So of course, I began searching the web for more info about this but everything I come across basically says this is a problem generally seen in infants-1year. My son is 6 and has never had any eye problems. If anyone has any knowledge of this and/or advice, please share. Im freaking out... just a LITTLE bit. :)