My doc prescribed 225 mg effexor for depression and anxiety. I took it for a month but ended up with serotonin syndrome. I was only on 225 mg for one week. Tapered over a week as per doctor's instructions but experienced extreme withdrawals. It's been a month since I've had any effexor but I feel very little improvement. Constant anxiety, vertigo, cold sweats, hot flashes. I vomit at least once per day due to the nausea. I've also had my period every other week for two months (since I started the effexor). Fits of rage, insomnia, and my depression is worse than ever. Saw an OB/GYN and he just said to wait it out. My psychiatrist who prescribed the effexor has been completely flummoxed, having never heard of such negative effects (this surprises me). What is going on? I dont know how much longer I can stand this and I've missed 2 months of work already with no end in sight.