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What causes extreme swelling of the legs?

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Tom1940 14 Jan 2013

If you have what I had the problem is poor circulation in your legs. Tell your
doctor because this could turn into serious problem with your legs.

Delila 14 Jan 2013

Another possibility could be water retention? Do you have any issues with your heart?

Lisa01 14 Jan 2013

It would really be best if you see your Dr about this. There are various conditions that can cause this problem. Some serious, some not serious. Unfortunately, some of the serious ones are very serious and need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Make sure your Dr is aware of all your medications, especially if you're prescribed meds from more than one. He also needs to be aware of any supplements/ vitamins/herbal remedies you take as some of these interact badly with prescribed meds. I wish you the best of luck! :)

Delila 14 Jan 2013

I agree, good answer!

Lisa01 14 Jan 2013

Why thank you ma'am! I thought yours was too. Actually it was one of the first things to pop into my mind.

kaismama 14 Jan 2013

Whatever is causing it needs a drs attention. It can be a sign of a serious problem.

endlessPred 16 Jan 2013

Hi as others have said this is a trip to the doctor right away. This may be kidney or congestive heart failure. Ankles are one thing, but legs are very serious indeed. You may be having problems regarding medications. Yes, that is more serious than suggested but just some of the reasons to see someone now. Let us know what your physician says, please. Wishing you wellness and better health. Hope I am wrong and all will be simple to solve, Karen free discount card

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