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I’m having a extreme itching problem I started taking Xaralto for about a month what to do?

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littlebit34 6 Mar 2018

I had the same problem and the only and the best answer I got was from my medical Dr... which was a surprise to me... She said that happens quite often when taking blood thinners. I also am taking Xarelto 15mg. one per day. The itching is coming from capillaries on legs, arms,etc... I told her that I was going to take 1/2 & she said "good", but the thing is that when taking these meds. u are on a slippery slope(I Googled the med)... so I alternated back & forth (1/2 to 1)... hope this info. helps you & all of the rest of the people... I am now much better... good luck!!! free discount card

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