Hey there! I have really bad back pains ever since I was a kid. I never looked into it just always had a busy life. Today is the day i'm feeling a cold tingling annoying pain from my whole back and i'm about to burst into tears.. Sometimes, I feel something "slip" out of my back and have to wait to move, wtf is that about?! I was prescribed Naproxen to no avail. I got Methocarbomal from my mother and it doesn't work either and other buttload pain medicines DO NOT WORK unless its Oxy or something like that and I'm not a user and afraid to take it on a daily basis. Just a scary drug, i've seen what it has done to people.. But for now, I have taken Methocarbomal 2 hours ago and I wanted to know will it be safe to take Fiorcet now?! I've never taken this drug before and I know I have high tolerance for drugs and pain tolerance. What do you think? What do you suggest? Any tips to help minimize my pain would be awesome.