Ive had nexplanon since last july, without having problems with it before (other than missing periods) around 5months ago i was rushed into hospital after having extreme bleeding, and heavy clotting, had my womb, my cervix and uterus checked all was normal and I was prescribed tranexamic acid to treat the "hemorrhage", i completed this course it slowed the bleeding down but returned again within 2 weeks, then proceeding to go to my gp, i explained the situation and was precribed a further course of cerazette, completing that course nothing has helped so i demanded i went on the pill, as it's the only thing that stops the bleeding but every time i have break week, I pass what looks like my whole uterus, i have to wait 3 months to get it removed at boots,(where i got it inserted) but surprisingly do not want it removed, is this normal and how can I stop the bleeding on the implant? I have had enough of the bleeding side effects but otherwise I havent had any other problems on it, thankfully my boyfriend is very patient and understanding but he started to think im using the implant as an excuse to not sleep with him because he doesnt quite understand that i bleed constantly, the bleeding makes me very ill, tired, sick and i never feel like eating when i have these "hemorrhages" so i really need help... pleasssssse