and mass was 55.7gms with Cystic mass of 1.7cmsx1.3cms in left lobe.No other significant indication except high frequency of urination.
Urologist prescribed Silodosin-8mg and Dutasteride-0.5mg for 30days.PSA came down to 6,but on F/U transrectal study the mass is noticed 66.7gm and Seminal Vesciles are 5.1ml/6.3ml.There was no change in Cystic mass in left lobe.This sonography is done on 27th Dec after continuing same medications for last 50days.
urologist expected PSA around 4,but last check indicated 5.95.Hence the rectal sonogrphy was repeated.The post void hold-up of urine which came down from
118ml to 68ml is now observed as 130ml.

Would you able to advise as at the age of 75,I am no more interested in going for Biopsy and/or surgery as I have no other problem of health except BP which is controlled at 135/85mmHg taking Amlodipine-2.5mg& Atenolol-25mg each on tablet a day.