This is stupid and I know it but I have a paranoia problem so please just calm me by humoring me with an answer. There were a couple dogs on the side of the highway. They looked like well-kept greyhounds that had escaped a few weeks ago. My friend and I were gonna try to see if we couldn't get one of them to come over so we could see the number on their collar. One was acting skidding/hiding and looked a little sickly. Another, the most alert/normal one let my friend pet it. She didn't touch her face with her hands after that point but did scratch her face w/her jacket sleeves. We went to Walmart and were walking around for awhile and I am sure I forgot and touched her to get her attention/etc. Then she said her lips were dry and asked to borrow my lip balm. We remembered the dogs and went to the hand sanitizer (I bought it after) and sanitized her hands. Then I sanitized mine and she used my lip balm. Then I used my lip balm. Now I'm just feeling really paranoid that if one of the dogs (specifically the one she petted) has rabies, then it could be possible one of us could get it? Like if it has drooled on itself and had infected saliva and she pet it and got it on her hand then touched her face/mouth w/o thinking then I used the lip balm after her? Is it possible? I've read you can't get rabies from petting an animal, only from it biting/scratching but I'm so paranoid.