I get explosive Diareha without ANY warning. This has made me a prisoner in my home. My doctor told me to take Imodium so I bought and use OTC pills whenever I go out. The beach is my savior so as soon as it's warm I'll be there.
Does anyone else have this side effect?
My skin is very white now. I always had good color and didn't need makeup.
Also, apart from being exhausted all the time, I believe that's my fault, I'm sad. Two pets died, went bankrupt because I can't work. Going through a divorce that will be final first I of May.
I don't do anything so I have no energy. Since summer is here I'll get out more.
Here's hoping I can get out of my winter doldrums.
I feel blessed to have this kind of leukemia. I am not complaining. I think I want to talk to someone that has it. I won't discuss it with others because they really aren't interest when they ask how are you. "Fine" is about all they want to hear.