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How do I explain chronic pain to a doctor?

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chuck1957 30 Mar 2017

sparkey420; You must remember that doctors are just people too. Just go in and explain it like you would to anyone else. Let the doctor know what you did and how long ago and if any other doctor has treated you for this. And just tell the new doctor you really need his or her help to get some rest and pain-free periods during the day that it is driving you crazy. Etc. Now sometimes they well refer you to a pain clinic that prescribe you medication and how long that medication should last you. Anyway first make the appointment and tell them it is for pain issues and you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Hope this helps you now call the doctor today.

Jojobord53 5 May 2017

Your pain is ongoing, no break from it, the medications take the edge off so you can get out of bed and hopefully do a few chores around the house. Your life sucks cause all you do is think about pain. On a scale of 1 - 10 my pain averages about a 7 all the time. This is how I explained chronic back , legs, and butt pain to my doctor. I hope this helps you! free discount card

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