I've been on birth control for about a year and a half now, and my boyfriend and I are extremely safe with sex. We had sex on the 18th which was two days after my period.. The condom didn't break and I'm on birth control so we thought we were good, but then my "period" came 3 days early this month but the problem is that usually it's a very regular flow and lasts at least 5 days.. This period seemed heavy at first but is now really light, I only bled a little on the pad and when I wipe my blood is really red and there is some clotting, and it's been like this for I think 3 days but, now it's coming to a stop I think but I don't understand why it's not bleeding onto the pad.. Could I be pregnant? Could this be implantation bleeding? Should I be worried? Please answer back, I've been panicking all day