I have ALWAYS had crazy sleep patterns and Ambiens has been my savior in helping to regulate my sleep. I have been taking 12.5mg for about a year, usually about 5-7 days a week. While the majority of time i have EXTREME difficulties sleeping, sometimes i will be exhausted and "binge" sleep and wont need to take my Ambien that night, or sometimes dont take if iv been out drinking or if i dont have over 6 hours of sleep i can get (even with ambien it usually takes me about two hours after taking to be able to lay still and eventually sleep. Recently on the nights i dont take an ambien in the beginning phase of falling asleep i experience some weird symptoms/sensations. I am awake enough that i am still mentally aware of what is going on, but asleep in that i feel i have a kind of sleep paralysis n cannot move my body or respond to prompts my mind is sending me. Like ill want to move.my arm and im telling myself to do spend, but i am unable to actually move and it feels like a real struggle between my mind and body. Another symptom, the oddest n most worrysome is during this period..which seems to be inbetween conscious and sleep, i get this feeling throughout my body that i can best describe as Likeep an in"electrical charge/pulse" sensation. My heart feels like its racing, my body tenses up and shakes a little, and as with before i am not able to wake myself out of this though i feel it going on. Has ANYONE had ANYTHING like this. Its now happens anytime i sleep n dont take an ambien. Im wonder if there is any need for concern, but mostly just VERY curious. Please let me know!! Thanks!!