I've been on the pill for two months now. Lo Loestrin Fe is the Birth Control I use.

The first month of pills I abstained from sex, but into the second month of pills I began to have sexual intercourse.

My boyfriend and I did not use condoms as we relied on the pill for our protection, but lately I have been feeling as if I may be pregnant.

The first time we had sex was on September 11th and today is September 25th.
And if it's any count, we lost our virginity's to one another, he also has never ''finished'' inside of me.

I have been experiencing cramping for about four days now (As of September 21st), and just today I have been experiencing a bit of nausea. (September 25th)

I should add that I never missed a pill and have taken the pill everyday for about two months now.

Tomorrow I will be on my placebo pills and I am hoping that the symptoms I'm experiencing are because of that?