Back in October i started taking xanax after my aunt was killed. it was only half of a peach which is only .25mg a day. Then after i while my anxiety was gettng i thought so i started with half of one in the am and one before bed. By december i was takin 3 halves a day (.75mg). Around 2 weeks ago i started noticing my body wanted more and it wasnt working anymore. butinstead if giving in i relized the problem and cut my self down to half in the am and half before bed like how i started in the first place. But ever since i been experiencing all over body numbness but stronger in my face and torso, ringing in the ears, chest pains, vibrations in my body, light-headedness, feeling off balance, trouble concentrating, panic attacks, and having the feeling of fear. also some other stuff.I went to the doctors and got a complete blood test done including sugar and everything came back normal. Can your body get addicted to such a small dose of xanax in a few month span? if not then what can be causing these problems.. im scared