Gabapentin is working like a miracle for me. I'm on 600 in the morning and afternoon and 900 at night. I've been on it for about a month. Will the severe dizziness I am experiencing go away with time as my body gets used to it? I hope so because it is a great drug. I am on pain med and muscle relaxants and my doc lowered my dose to 300 3xday. My dizziness subsided but my severe anxiety and dread/fear came back as well as my nausea. Im hoping once I get off these other drugs after having procedures done to my back, that the dizziness will get better. I know these other drugs just complicate things but I do know after going down to a lower dose that my dizziness issue got better, but I had to go back up,as the anxiety was unbearable. Dizziness is back but anxiety going away again. Thanks for your help.