... also had diarrhea. When I had to start taking psychotropic meds, my constipation grew much worse. When I added Methadone to the mix, it became even worse. When Cymbalta was added, my constipation became even more severe. My remedy is to use Citrucel 2-3 times daily (the label says you can use it up to three times a day), chew four Fiber Choice wafers (the limit is 5 per day), take two herbal laxative tablets (even though they contain Cascara Sagrada -- a known carcinogen that was supposed to be taken off the market in 2008 per the FDA. I'm going to the Co-Op grocery store to find one without that ingredient. Also, my diet is rich in fiber. On a Dr. Oz show this week, he stated that straining to pass stool causes Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis and that TWO THIRDS of Americans will experience one of these in their lifetime. I don't know that everything he said is correct. Do you?