Hi, I'm 25yrs and started on the oral contraceptive pill for the first time, I was on it for about 3 months, during that time I had extended, irregular but light periods of bleeding, a dry vagina, mood swings that eventually levelled out and some weight gain. I saw a new GP and discussed about upping the dosage of my pill as I was on a entry level pill, in my discussion with this new GP, I mentioned that I occasionally get mirgraines (1-3 a month (before I started on the pill)), and occasionally had visual auras - long story short - he said I was at an increased risk of having a stroke if I stayed on the pill, and even though I'm <35yrs old, it's not a risk I want to take.

He's suggested I try the mini pill or get implanon. I'm hopeless as it is to take the pill - I'm a shift worker, but I haven't heard much about Implanon.

Did people find the side effects similar to the pill or worse?